Gates Tennis Center

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Renting a car from the airport may be your best best for quick and "independent" travel around the city. However, city transportation is available and buses do stop in front of the Gates Tennis Facility. For more information on planning your city bus travel itinerary access:

Bus Routes

Buses run eastbound from Civic Center Station downtown at Broadway and Cleveland Place, a short walk from Rock Bottom and the 16th Street Mall.
Route 83L
Cherry Creek / Parker Rd Limited

To locate specific route times for Weekdays, Saturday, and Sunday/Holiday - please visit RTD Denver

You can also find a route map here: Map

Bus Rates

Please see chart below for current RTD fares.

Taxi Service

The most common Taxi services in Denver are listed below. It is generally advisable to call ahead to arrange for pick up.
Freedom (303) 292-8900
Metro Taxi (303) 333-3333
Yellow (303) 777-7777
Capital Car(720) 275-8764

Taxi Rates

A taxi ride from the Warwick Hotel to Gates Tennis Center will cost approximately $16-$18 for the trip one-way.
Denver Metered Rates
Fares are calculated by the use of a meter which much be activated by the driver.
The applicable fares as approved by and on file with the P.U.C. are $2.50 for the first 1/9 mile, plus 25 cents for each additional 1/9 mile or fraction of a mile. The meter will automatically change to a time charge of 37.5 cents per minute when the vechicle speed is less than 15 miles per hour. Waiting time is less than 15 miles per hour. Waiting time is charged at the rate of 37.5 cents per minute in excess of 3 minutes. Additional Charges
As approved by the P.U.C. may apply for additional passengers, baggage, packages, waiting time, pets, toll, or gate charges.

To report any problems call the Public Utilities Commission at 894-2000 Ext. 360 or outside the metro area at 800-888-0170.